Growing up in a Middle Eastern household meant there was always amazing spreads of food for celebratory occasions or really any occasion meant FOOD and lots of it, lots of little plates of dishes, we call this spread mezze. 

AND after a lifetime love & obsession with food I was inspired to bring this to your special occasion. I spent over 15 years in the corporate space witnessing the good bad and ugly of catering and knowing how industries eat (yes they are all different) and what finer details need to be addresses. These are molecular layers that is unique to how we execute.

Platter wonderland is born from a love of all things food, beauty, love and bringing people together. We love mixing flavours from around the world, often you'll see heavy Middle Eastern influences mixed with elements from around the world. 

Your guests are greeted with beauty, colour and a delicious trip to wonderland. 

We are obsessed with creating these for our guests so if you have an occasion I would love to create one for you!

We are based in Sydney however can fly to a destination by request.

Manar - creator